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It’s all right, we’ve just made a pot. 不要客氣,我們剛燒好一壺。She brewed a pot of soup from the leftovers .. 她用吃剩下的菜沖一盆湯。Pots and pans were clattering in the kitchen . 盆和鍋在廚房里碰擊作響。The pot won’t boil if the fire’s away .

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# 時髦 # 復古 # qpot髮 #qpot 獨創波紋 See More Q-Pot hair salon is at Q-Pot hair salon. September 10 at 4:55 AM · Kaohsiung, Taiwan · 別以為我們在模仿9m88!是客人太愛9m88